My most recent works are made through the process of fumage. A technique inspired by the fire painter Steven Spazuk. This technique is done by burning the surface of wood, paper, or canvas by the use of candle light flame and a torch. It is burned to the point where a layer of soot covers the surface. It is then erased/etched with the use of tools such as needle point, brushes, and erasers. 


The stone has been a major subject in my work. It is mundane yet I have found it to be profoundly meaningful in my life and of life. It has become a symbol, a metaphor, a portrait. It began as a daily practice. A project brought out from a class from North Park University. We were encouraged to do something creative everyday, a finished piece, as a way to create a habit of making. Through this process, I pondered what it was about a rock that got my attention. A stone can represent so many different ideas and concepts. My hope is that the viewer will journey with me as I uncover and discover its attributes.